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Electric Energy

Abeledo Gottheil Abogados has an extensive practice in all segments of the Energy Sector: Generation, transportation and distribution. Our practice includes the drafting and negotiation of futures, supply contracts; assistance on acquisition of power plants, tender for utilities, COM contracts for expansion of transmission lines, on international projects regarding export of energy, etc.; project financing related to these areas; assistance on regulatory aspects, recourses, litigation.

Our relevant experience includes:

• Legal counsel to multinational companies for electric power generation projects. Issues related to the Wholesale Electric Market (WEM), registration and admission, environmental studies and authorizations, by pass of distributor transmission lines, transactions (spot and term contracts, EPC and turn key agreements).

• Antitrust procedures on Energy sector; legal assistance to a major electric energy distributor on corporate and regulation issues; energy and other services tariffs’ renegotiation for several clients.

• Acquisition of Ave Fenix power plant, and assistance for the same client for the construction of another combined cycle power generator. Due diligence for a potential acquisition of the controlling interest in a provincial electric energy distribution system, for Electricité de France; Legal assistance to a wide variety of clients on future, term agreements for electric energy supply and registration as members of the Wholesale market.       

• Legal advice to Termoandes (a Chilgener subsidiary) regarding an electric power export project to Chile and review of procedures to obtain the corresponding export and international transmission lines´ permits.

• Legal advisors to Black & Veatch International in relation to the EPCM contract for a 700 MW Power Plant in Neuquén, Argentina with Capex S.A. and in several other projects related to EPCM contracts for combined cycle power plants;      

• legal advice to Empresa Eléctrica EMEC S.A. and Chilgener S.A. for the preparation of the tender in the successful bid for 90% of Empresa de Electricidad Sanjuanina S.A. (EDESSA)'s shares.                

• Counsel to Central Dock Sud, an electric power generator, in all aspects: regulatory, environmental, gas supply contracts, etc.) until its transfer to other investors.                

• Transalta: Counseling to the client regarding the sale of its share participation in Piedra del Aguila power plant. The law firm prepared the submittal to the applicable antitrust agency for its approval.

• Advice to several large customers on power supply term contracts.    

• Advice to the Association of Electric Power Producers on regulatory issues, contractual and corporate matters.

• Legal advice to Ansaldo Argentina S.A. and Ansaldo S.P.A. on legal aspects of financing structures for the supply of turbines –including the supply of 10 turbines and generators for the Yacyretá project, a hydroelectrical power plant on the Paraná River, pursuant to the corresponding international bidding; the Costanera Generator Plant revamping and other equipments for electric power generation. Other projects, before such date, as well. 

• Counsel to NRG Energy Inc. on the bidding for the San Nicolás Generator Plant.           

• Counsel to Utilicorp United Inc. with respect to the international public bid for the privatization of SEGBA as regards the distribution of electric power in the City of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires.


Energy sector related publications from some of the members of the Firm

• IBA Website: Article entitled “Nuclear Energy and the Electric Energy Market”. This paper was prepared for the International Bar Association, Vancouver Conference, September 1998.            

• Co-author of "Proposed Supplement to the regulatory framework of the Argentine Electric Energy Industry", (addressing the interaction between the gas and the electric energy markets), presented at the first Gas and Electricity Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean, organized by the Argentine Oil&Gas Institute, the American Gas Association and the Society of Petroleum Engineers, in Bariloche, Argentina, April, 1997.      

• Presidency of the seminar on "Financement of Infrastructure Projects" (Natural gas, electric energy, toll highways, public waters system, international bridges, etc), and author of "New Instruments for financing" (with a review of project financing of Natural gas pipelines, High Tension Electric Energy transmission lines, and other energy projects) in the same seminar, April, 1997, organized by the Institute for International Research.     

• "Desmythification of Project Finance: legal aspects to have in consideration for a successful structuring" with a particular view of the financing of natural gas and electric energy projects, presented in the Seminar on "Development and Financing of Energy Projects", September, 1996, organized by the Institute for International Research.             

• "Future evolution of the Electric Energy Market towards more elaborate term contracts - Energy supply contracts with large customers", presented at the Seminar "The Future of Electric Energy within the process of reconversion of the Electric Energy, April 1995, organized by the Institute for International Research.

• "Power Surge (Synthesis of the Privatization Process Confronted in the Argentine Republic in the Energy Sector)", published in the magazine Hemisfile (Vol. III, March 1992), a publication published by the Institute of the Americas for the purpose of the Conference organized in La Jolla, California, on the Latin-American Energy Industry: New Opportunities for Growth through Investment and International Trade.

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