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Labor Law

Abeledo Gottheil Abogados has broad experience in Labor Law, both in individual and collective labor law.

The Law Firm gives advice to the clients in processes for the acquisition of companies, carrying out the labor and social security “due diligence”, cooperating in the determination of the labor contingencies of the companies to be acquired or of the going concerns subject matter of a transfer and in the minimization of its impact for the acquiring party.

In the last few years it has been involved also in important processes for the restructuring, reduction and suspension of personnel. Said activities have given to its members broad experience in crisis procedures, collective conflicts with forceful measures and compulsory settlement processes.

In addition to the activities mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, the Law Firm gives permanent and daily advice to its clients, in the following matters.

  • Manners to hire personnel

  • Remuneration and social benefits             

  • Hours of work

  • Disciplinary regime

  • Sick and accident leaves regime

  • Occupational accidents regime

  • Internal investigations

  • All type of terminations

  • Conflicts and claims of employees

  • Negotiation of agreements

  • Collective Labor Relationships

  • Inspections by administrative authorities

  • Matters related to Social Security resources

  •  Pension Plans

  • Stock option Plans

  • Work health and safety

At present Abeledo Gottheil Abogados represents clients in more than 1,000 labor lawsuits of every type, pending in the City of Buenos Aires, Province of Buenos Aires, and in the other  Argentine provinces, with intervention of correspondent law firms.

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