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Railroad Sector

• Legal counsel to GP Investimentos Ltda. for the acquisition of the concessionaires Buenos Aires al Pacífico – San Martín S.A. and Ferrocarril Mesopotámico General Urquiza S.A. –Cargo railway transportation public services- owned by IMPSA S.A. The Firm’s counsel included the drafting, bargaining and execution of the stock purchase agreement, the full legal due diligence of the target companies and any and all acts related to the transfer of property.

• Counsel to Morrison Knudsen Corporation and Burlington Northern Railroad Co. operators and members of the awardee consortium in the National and International Public Bids for the Concession of the Railroad Passengers Service Exploitation -on surface and subways- of the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires, Groups Mitre, Sarmiento, Urquiza and the entire subway network of the City of Buenos Aires and concessionaire companies Trenes de Buenos Aires and Metrovías, including the bidding, award, negotiation of the concession contract, regulatory operation aspects, investment agreements, services contracts, etc. until the transfer to local investors..

• Legal counsel for the structuring of a trust as means of financing the provision of rolling stock to Trenes de Buenos Aires (Approx u$s 200 Million).

• Legal counsel for the preparation of the presentation of Bombardier Argentina as bidder for the provision of rolling stock to Metrovías S.A. (approx. u$s 100 Million) which included among other contracts the establishment of a Trust.

• Counsel to the NMB Postbank Groep N.V. in the National and International Public Bid for the concession of the whole Sector of the national railways network composing the General San Martín Line and the remainder of Domingo F. Sarmiento Line, excluding its urban sections.

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