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Bankruptcy and Reorganization

In the field of competition law, our law firm has developed extensive experience covering both obtaining authorizations for processes of economic concentration, and the defense of claims relating to anticompetitive behavior.

Regarding the former, and as such, we have obtained authorization of concentration in a wide range of commercial activities: medical facilities, electricity, gas, aluminum, auto parts, chemicals, merchandising. Regarding claims for anticompetitive conduct, we have represented clients operating in the market for gas, tires, metals and minerals, and broadcasting.

Antitrust in International Trade
Abeledo Gottheil Abogados S.r.l. is a pioneer in defending the interests of foreign exporters under investigation for alleged unfair practices, through anti-dumping, safeguards and subsidies under the legislation developed in Argentina, fundamentally similar to that of the GATT and the WTO On the occasion of this activity, we had the opportunity to interact not only with foreign producers, but also with foreign business organizations, financial auditors and consultants, and major law firms in USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, the Union European and, more recently, the Republic of China.

Among the most relevant cases include:

• actively participate in relevant research, the joint interest of pulp and paper producers in Brazil, gathered in the Chamber of Pulp and Paper Production, originated in a complaint of Argentine producers lined cardboard containers encapada, suitable for packaging beverages in general. This investigation led to the imposition of antidumping duties minimum, achieving completely neutralize the effects of trade and economic research.

• We had our defense by leading Brazilian manufacturers of cable core or "soul" aluminum, suitable for electric drives (ALCAN ALUMINUM DO BRASIL), obtaining the exclusion of our client antidumping penalties taken by the Republic Argentina against other Brazilian producers.

• also intervened in defense of a leading Brazilian manufacturers of paper and cellulose (CELUCAT SA KLABIN Group) in an investigation into the importation of cement packaging bags, originating in Brazil and South Africa. As in the previous case was the only our represented excluded from dumping penalties imposed.

• We defended the interests of the leading Brazilian producer of household appliances (Electrolux do Brasil SA) in an investigation of alleged dumping initiated against imports of washing machines from Brazil, Spain and Italy. On 27/02/02 the authorities decided to exclude anti-dumping duties in relation to Brazilian manufacturers.

• DO ELECTROLUX represent AMAZON SRL in an investigation of alleged dumping on imports of air conditioning equipment from China and Brazil. The Ministry of Production decided to exclude from research to our client.

• In the same previous research, we represent two Chinese companies, Hisense and Hisense Air Conditioner Ltd Import & Export Co. Ltd. - After the investigation, although the Argentine authorities arranged for the adoption of antidumping measures against the generality of Chinese exports, expressly excluded from such measures for our client, who was unharmed. In the history of antidumping proceedings in Argentina, this was the first time that a Chinese company is exempted from the application of antidumping duties, upon completion of an investigation of this nature.

• Currently, we are participating in relevant cases, to defend the interests of exporting companies in China.

Our experience in safeguards and subsidies

• Over the past two years we had a special participation in advising foreign producers and importers about the Argentine legal requirements to be taken in relation to the "safeguards" referred to above, through price contracts with local producers, approved by Argentine authorities.

• Also, in recent years has advised domestic producers in research grants made abroad.

• Fittingly, we acted on behalf of a leading Japanese companies in the proceedings of safeguards for the import of motorcycles.

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