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Advertising and Promotions

Abeledo Gottheil Abogados has an extensive experience in the legal aspects of advertising, sale promotions with delivery of prizes and promotional marketing.

As from 1980 its lawyers have been in charge of the design and supervision of the legal scheme of more than 3.500 sale promotions with delivery of prizes most of them carried out in Argentina and also in Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay – with the participation of local lawyers - addressed to consumers, retailers and wholesalers. Likewise, it has cooperated with local lawyers in the analysis of the feasibility of sale promotions with delivery of prizes carried out in Mexico, France, Spain and South Africa.

Likewise, Abeledo Gottheil has given advice on legal matters related to the advertising campaigns that announced many of said promotions and in thousands of other advertising campaigns, including comparative advertising campaigns carried out in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Mexico.

It has rendered advice on these matters in Argentina, among other announcers, to:

PepsiCo de Argentina S.R.L.
Danone Argentina S.A.
Molinos Río de la Plata S.A.
CCBA S.A. (“Brahma”)
Buenos Aires Embotelladora S.A. (BAESA)
Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes S.A.I.C.A. y G.
Cadbury Stani Adams S.A.
Establecimiento Modelo Terrabusi S.A. (Nabisco)
Mondelez Argentina S.A.
Schwan’s S.A.
Club Mediterranee S.R.L.
Toyota Argentina S.A.
Yamaha Argentina S.A.
Shell C.A.P.S.A.
Total Especialidades
Massalín Particulares S.A.
Microsoft de Argentina S.A.
Aguas Argentinas S.A.
Correo Argentino S.A.
Torneos y Competencias S.A.
Televisión Federal S.A. TELEFE
Multicanal S.A.
MSC Cruceros S.A.
Procter & Gamble S.A.
Cyanamid de Argentina S.A.
Allergan-LOA S.A.
Natura Cosméticos S.A.
Pfizer Argentina S.R.L
La Fármaco Argentina S.A.
Johnson & Son S.A.
Ondabel S.A. (“Wella”)
Auchan Argentina S.A.
Carrefour Argentina S.A.
Wal Mart Argentina S.A.
Disco S.A.
Vea S.A.
C&A Modas S.A.
LG Electronics Argentina S.A.
Garbarino S.A.
Compumundo S.A.
AOL Argentina S.A.
Editorial Atlántida S.A.
Hartman Argentina S.A.
Juegos y Juguetes S.R.L.
Promofilm S.A.
Telemedia Argentina S.A.
SMS Américas S.A.
Win TV S.R.L.

To Advertising agencies, among others to:

Braga Menéndez S.A.
J.Walter Thompson de Argentina S.A.
Lautrec, Nazca, Saatchi &Saatchi (Lautrec Publicidad S.A.)
Quintana/Fischer, Justus

To Promotion agencies, among others to:

B.T.L. S.A.
Bruno & Uría
Eiffel Promociones
Entertainment Production Group S.A. (EPG)
Ferplay S.A.
Free Agency BTIL S.R.L.
GC Comunicación S.A.
Globo Rojo de Argentina S.A.
Ideas Aplicadas S.A.
Meyer Action Marketing S.A.
Prado del Ganso S.A.
Preminens S.A.
Promakers S.A.
Promocionar S.A.
Stopromotion S.A.
Trama Global S.A.

Abeledo Gottheil Abogados has been the legal advisor of the highest advertising investment promotions in Argentina. Among many others, the following:

“Pepsi Pesos” (PepsiCo de Argentina S.R.L., 2000)
“Pepsi Music – Ricky Martin” (PepsiCo de Argentina S.R.L., 2000)
“Pepsi multiplies” (PepsiCo de Argentina S.R.L., 2001)
“Decide to have more” (PepsiCo de Argentina S.R.L., 2002)
“Decide to Win with Pepsi” (PepsiCo de Argentina S.R.L., 2003)
“Spiderman 2” (PepsiCo de Argentina S.R.L., 2004)
“Pepsi Goal II” (PepsiCo de Argentina S.R.L., 2004)
“Choose your CD – I and II” (PepsiCo de Argentina S.R.L., 2003 y 2004)
“Pepsi Soccer 2005” (PepsiCo de Argentina S.R.L., 2005)
“Pepsi Music” (PepsiCo de Argentina S.R.L., 2005 a 2009)
“Spiderman 3” (PepsiCo de Argentina S.R.L., 2007)
“Pepsi Goal Evolution” (PepsiCo de Argentina S.R.L., 2008)
“Crossed” (PepsiCo de Argentina S.R.L., 2009)
“Neighborhood by Neighborhood” (Molinos Río de la Plata S.A., 2000)
“Carrefour’s Birthday” (Molinos Río de la Plata S.A., 2001)
“24 Party Days at Carrefour” (Molinos Río de la Plata S.A., 2001)
“Cook with Blancaflor” (Molinos Río de la Plata S.A., 2002)
“Exquisita in Temaykén” (Molinos Río de la Plata S.A., 2003)
“Collezione Classico” (Shell C.A.P.S.A., 2001)
“Live your Passion for Ferrari” (Shell C.A.P.S.A., 2001)
“Heavy Pesos” (Shell C.A.P.S.A., 2002)
“Shell Helps you to Maintain Your Car” (Shell C.A.P.S.A., 2003)
“Love your Car Again” (Shell C.A.P.S.A., 2002/2003)
“Shell Takes You to the Island of Your Dreams” (Shell C.A.P.S.A., 2004/2005)
“60 Cars in 60 Days” (Shell C.A.P.S.A., 2005)
“Shell Helix Promotion 2007 – Global Helix Ferrari Promotion” (Shell C.A.P.S.A., 2007)
“Shell Ferrari Lego” (2014)
“The One Million Game” in Susana Giménez’ TV Show(Lautrec Publicidad, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999)
“The Intergalactic” in Nicolás Repetto’s TV Show (EPG, 1998)
“Super Account” of Banco Río (Stopromotion, 1997, 1998)
“I want to Play and Win with Susana” (Susana Gimenez’ TV Show, Stopromotion, 2000)
“Magazine “Big Brother” (TV Show “Big Brother”, Stopromotion, 2001)
“Mendicrim Contest” (Stopromotion, 2001, “Maru Botana” TV Show)
“Duracell” (Stopromotion, 2001)
“Entertainment of the TV Show “You Choose” (Fer Play, 2001)
“El Gráfico –Soccer Super Code” (Promocionar, 2002)
“The Great Trademarks Defy your Intuition” (“Big Brother” TV Show, Meyer Action Marketing, 2001)
“La Campagnola Tuna and Mackerel” (Meyer Action Marketing, 2001 y 2002)
“Brahma Super Promotion” (CCBA, 1997)
“Marlboro Has Ten Red Convertibles” (Massaluin Particulares, 2001)
“Marlboro Has Two Convertibles More” (Massalin Particulares, 2002)
“Marlboro Summer Kits” (Massalin Particulares, 2002/2003)
“10 Marlboro Jeep Wrangler Sport Patagonia Experience” (Massalin Particulares S.A., 2004)
“L&M Connectricity Collection” (Massalin Particulares S.A., 2005)
"Philip Morris Puzzle" (Massalin Particulares S.A., 2006)
“Marlboro Music” (Massalin Particulares S.A., 2008)
“If One Wins, Everybody Wins” (Massalin Particulares S.A., 2008)
“The Auctions - Philip Morris” (Massalin Particulares S.A. , 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013)
“Prizes à la Carte” (Correo Argentino, 2002)
“Come to the Post and Select your Super Prize” (Correo Argentino (2003)
“Now, to have the bills paid in due time adds benefits” (Aguas Argentinas 1998, 1999)
“Multicash” (Multicanal S.A., 1999)
Entertainment of the TV Show “Sorpresa y 1/2” in its shows of 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000)
Entertainment of “Audacity” (Promofilm S.A., 2001)
“The Roulette and the Water Heater” (Once Puntos / Stopromoption, in the TV show “La Biblia y el Calefón”, 2001)
Entertainment of the TV Show “The Exact Price” (Torneos y Competencias, 1999 and Promofilm, 2000)
“First Class” (Torneos y Competencias, 2001)
“Join the Voyage EG3” (Prado del Ganso, 2001)
“What was missing to you to Move” – Mondelez (Prado del Ganso, 2011)
“Bic Evolution” (Prado del Ganso, 2013, 2014)
“Pepitos Scan Fun” – Mondelez (Prado del Ganso, 2014)
“The Great Family of Nestlé” (Promocionar, 2003),
“Look for your Luck” (Susana Giménez’ TV Show, Win TV, 2003)
“Play with your Internetico and Win” (Garbarino, 2000)
“Garbarino in Videomatch” (Garbarino, 2001)
“World Soccer Championship of Korea Japan” (Garbarino, 2002)
“Rebel’s Way” (Garbarino, 2003)
“The Roldán’s (Garbarino, 2004)
“Operation Triumph” (Garbarino, 2005)
“Meet Pablo Echarri (Garbarino, 2006)
“High School Musical 2” (Garbarino, 2007)
“Tickets for Luis Miguel’s concert” (Garbarino, 2008)
“The best picture of Big Brother’s Party” (Garbarino, 2011)
“Garbarino Furnishes your Home” (Garbarino, 2012)
“Wedding Party” (Garbarino, 2002 up to 2013)
“Honey Moon” (Garbarino, 2002 up to 2013)
“Garbarino’s Band” (Garbarino, 2013)
“Garbarino’s Plans” (Garbarino, 2013)
“A Lot of cuddles for Mom” (Garbarino, 2013)
“ICBC’s E-Statements of Account Drawing of Lots” (Trama Global, 2013, 2014),
“The Pumas” Standard Bank (Trama Global 2013, 2014)
“Easy Cup” (2013, 2014)
“Peugeot Tennis Cup” (Easy, 2013)
“Building Worker Month” (Easy, 2013)
“Disney On Ice” (Unicenter, 2012, 2013)
“50 New Houses Hundreds of Smiles” (Jumbo, 2012)
“Unicenter’s 25th Anniversary” (Cencosud, 2013)
“Win with Perfil” (Jumbo 2013)
“Christmas 2013” (9 Malls, 2013)
“Cencosud’s Card Sponsor of the best soccer fans” (Cencosud, 2014)
“Jumbo World Championship Sony” (2014)
“Unicenter One Direction” (2014)
“See the Soccer World Championship 2014” (2014)

Members of Abeledo Gottheil have written articles on advertising and promotion matters in the magazines “Promo News” and “Información Empresaria” (Business Information): 

“Legal Framework of Promotions in Argentina ” (Revista Promo News, 1994)
“Comparative Advertising: “Pepsi Challenge” (Revista Promo News, 1994)
“Promotion and Buying Obligation: A mistaken judicial interpretation” (Revista Promo News, 1994)
“Advertising of Cigarettes” (Revista Promo News, 1995)
“Promotions and Misleading Advertising: A change in the administrative criterion” (Revista Promo News, 1995)
“Sale Promotions with Prize Distributed at Random: Key legal Matter” (Revista Promo News, 1995)
“Promotions and tax on drawing of lots” (Magazine "Información Empresaria (Business Information), January 1997)

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