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  • Claims management in out-of-court, pre-action (mediation) and judicial stages within the framework of motor vehicles and several risks insurance policies.    

  • Analysis of claims at every stage, assessments of liability and judicial risk assessment. 

  • Attendance to mediation hearings and advice to the companies’ claim adjusters. 

  • Management of litigation portfolios on contractual and extra-contractual civil liability; as from the beginning thereof and up to the termination of the process as a result of the rendering of a final judgment or by the negotiation and settlement of an out-of-court agreement.  

  • Referral to correspondents and follow up of pending litigation portfolios before the courts of the provinces of our country and of neighboring countries.     

  • Audit and negotiation of litigation portfolios referred to correspondents.

  • Negotiation of cases during all the stages of the claim. Suggestion of settlement amounts based on assessments of liability and judicial risk assessment.

  • Drafting of reports on the status of all the proceedings during all their stages and assessments for the Company’s external audit.


  • Advice in favor of Zurich Insurance Company and related companies in recovery suits derived from performance bonds for financial advance payments and contract performance, application for precautionary measures regarding attachments, assistance in the negotiation of payment agreements.


  • Intervention in proofs of claims filed by insurance companies to recover amounts paid or to be paid as a result of performance bond policies issued as security for the performance of customs obligations.


  • Intervention in lawsuits derived from the application of emergency regulations regarding the “pesification” (conversion of U.S. Dollars into Argentine Pesos) of insurance contracts.

  • Intervention in lawsuits filed by insurance companies to recover amounts paid to their insured parties as a result of the theft of motor vehicles from shop premises. 

  • Since year 2011, Abeledo Gottheil Abogados gives advice and represents Starr Companies in Argentina. 

  • Our Firm has been involved in the incorporation of companies, management of licenses and in all matters related to the interaction with the Superintendency of Insurance of the Nation (Superintendencia de Seguros de la Nación –SSN-) in compliance with different obligations derived from the Insurance Entities Act (Ley de Entidades de Seguros) and the General Regulations of the Insurance Activity. Likewise our Firm acted in the stages for the issuance of policies and payment of reinsurance claims, by interacting in said cases with different local insurers and brokers. Our Firm has given advice also to licensed companies regarding the performance of their authorized investment obligations, and acted also in the respective operations before the entity in charge of the investments custody.


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