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Art Law

Our lawyers litigate and provide advice to clients on different aspects related to works of art and the development of cultural initiatives in the world of art.

We represent and provide advice to museums, artists, private collectors, public welfare institutions and benevolent societies regarding different legal issues, mainly on contractual matters, and in lawsuits referred to works of art, claims related to copyrights, unauthorized use of image of works of art, IP, among others, and we provide advice also on tax, customs, corporate, data protection and labor law issues.

Likewise, our Firm provides pro bono advice in our country to different leading and pioneering institutions in the world of art, among which Mozarteum Argentino and Asociación de Amigos del Museo de Arte Moderno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (The Association of Friends of the Museum of Art of the City of Buenos Aires), stand out.

The Mozarteum Argentino is a not-for-profit private institution, internationally renowned for the promotion and encouragement of classical music in Argentina, which offers scholarships and support to outstanding musicians, and in turn it organizes different concerts and activities among which the Annual Season of Concerts Subscription in the Colón Theater, of the City of Buenos Aires stands out.

On the other hand, the Asociación Amigos del Museo de Arte Moderno (The Association of Friends of the Museum of Art) is a not-for-profit private institution, that supports and cooperates with the management of the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires (MAMBA), with the purpose of spreading art and culture.

Our Firm also provides advice on tax issues to national institutions and companies that undertake the role of benefactors and sponsors of different art or cultural projects initiatives.

Among the services rendered by the Firm regarding this issue, the following ones are highlighted:

-          Disputes on works of art
-          Patronage projects
-          Sponsorship and representation agreements
-          Exhibition and Art Show Agreements
-          Consignment Contracts
-          Secured credit agreements
-          Insurance contracts
-          Financing agreements
-          Donation agreements
-          Succession proceedings issues
-          Advice on protection and registration of works
-          Copyright on works of art and intellectual property
-          Licenses for use of image of works of art
-          Data protection
-          Advice on customs matters for the exportation of works of art
-          Advice on corporate issues, both for Foundations and Civil Associations
-          Advice on tax matters
-          Advice of labor law issues

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